In this category, I will present different photography projects that I am pursuing more or less actively. Each of the projects has a different topic and either tries to shed light on everyday life from unconventional angles or specific topics that I personally find interesting / noteworthy.

Street sceneEveryday Observations
In this category, I shed light on everyday scenes that I observed in different places. Some of them have a deeper meaning as they remind me of relevant topics (personal as well as social), others are just everyday scenes that attracted my attention (e.g., a nice street scenery or gesture by somebody).
Closed convenience store near Ōsaka-joTransience of All Things
In this category, I present pictures of scenes and objects that have a used look and taken on a patina over the years or have a morbid charme, such as lost places. While not everyone might like such pictures, they remind me of our own transitoriness and that we should make the most of our lifes.
Sunset over Hong Kong IslandPhD Tourism
In this category, I give a summary of all business trips during my PhD from a photographic point of view. I comment on the different venues and set them in relation to photos which I took during the visit.